Patent Engineer Mechanical Posted Sep 12
Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman , Chicago, IL
Looking for a different kind of challenge in your career? Why not use your engineering skills in a different way? Take an unexpected path that leverages your knowledge of mechanical engineering.

Hanley, Flight and Zimmerman, LLC is seeking individuals wanting to pursue a career as a patent engineer and, if you choose, ultimately a career as a patent attorney. As an engineer, you have the technical background to understand the engineering principles inherent in the patent prosecution and counseling work we provide for Fortune 500 companies and corporations in the technology sector. We have the team of seasoned intellectual property practitioners who will help you learn the art of practicing patent law from the ground up. You will be involved in all stages of the patent process including preparing and filing applications, formulating prosecution strategies and arguments, and assisting clients with their intellectual property portfolio management decisions. With guidance, you can help identify what’s unique about an invention and build a case for protecting it. Come work in an innovative environment where you can develop strong relationships, help companies with their long-term business strategies, and experience new and different technologies every day.