CNC Overlord Posted Jan 06
Cat-i Glass , South Elgin, IL
Work in a technical role for a medium sized technical flat glass fabricator.
Design fixturing, tooling, and CNC control code for parts on a daily basis. Position to include:
• Work with .DXF blueprints to design fixtures for a multitude of different processes.
• Program tool paths for fixture creation. Hands on fixture creation.
• Program tool paths for part production. Machines include
o CO2 lasers (DXF)
o Waterjets (DXF)
o Vertical Milling Machines (DXF, GCode, MasterCAM)
o Glass Scribing machines (DXF)
• Design tooling and create blueprints for purchasing
• Verify tooling stock and prepare tools for production
• Work with a process control group to document manufacturing instructions and create blueprints

Applicable degree is Manufacturing Technology or similar.